SABC News - Court to rule on Ahmed Timol inquest:Thursday 12 October 2017

Court to rule on Ahmed Timol inquest

Thursday 12 October 2017 06:44

Neo Makwiting

Two independent pathologists told the court that Ahmed Timol had injuries, which were not consistent with a fall from a height.(SABC)

The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria is on Thursday expected to hand down judgment in the Ahmed Timol inquest.

Timol died in police custody in the 1960's.

He was tortured allegedly tortured by police at John Vorster Square.

The family of former Mamelodi political activist Moses Morudu is awaiting the outcome with interest.

According to TRC records, Morudu disappeared after he was arrested in 1986.

David and Yvonne Morudu say the reopening of Timol's case has given them hope to uncover the truth.

“People who were responsible for the arrest and capture of Moss need to come before the judicial commission or the court itself or any type of inquest to come and tell us the exact story of what actually happened to Moss,” says David Morudu.

“I think each and every family deserves the decent and the right to know what happened to their family members. We realised that there are people who actually perpetrated this violence towards our people and are still alive even now. We will be grateful if the government can actually help us as a family,” Yvonne Morudu.

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