SABC News - Renamo attack civilians in Intercape bus:Sunday 7 April 2013

Renamo attack civilians in Intercape bus

Sunday 7 April 2013 09:30


Mozambican rebels have attcked civillians on a bus, killing two

The Mozambican rebels attacked two vehicles - a bus and a truck.(REUTERS)

Armed men from Mozambique's former rebel group Renamo attacked a truck and a bus carrying civilians in the central Sofala province on Saturday killing two, authorities said.

"They attacked two vehicles - a bus and a truck. There were two deaths in the truck and two civilian women injured in the bus," Arnaldo Machohe, administrator of the town of the Chibabava district, told AFP.

The incidents came two days after Renamo attacked a police squadron in the town of Muxungwe, 30 kilometres (20 miles) away, killing four police officers.

The group, armed with AK47 assault rifles, stopped the truck transporting petrol on the road leading to the capital Maputo, Machohe said.

They killed its two occupants. They then also attacked an Intercape bus with around 60 passengers on board.

"Two women were injured on the bus. They are in hospital in Muxungwe," said Machohe.

"We do not know why they are stopping civilian vehicles. The population are fleeing their homes and fields. The whole district is living in fear," added Machohe.

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