SABC News - Some businesses in Nquthu in KZN not licensed:Friday 19 May 2017

Some businesses in Nquthu in KZN not licensed

Friday 19 May 2017 15:53

Khalesakhe Mbhense

Zikalalala was shocked to find that some of these businesses do not have permits to operate.(SABC)

KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Economic Development and Tourism Sihle Zikalalala says he is disappointed to find a number of businesses and shops operating without the required documents and permits in the town of Nquthu, in the north of the province.

He made an unexpected stop at big and small businesses as part of the KwaZulu-Natal Business Licensing Bill launch.

It was found that some shops sell expired food, and workers are not registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

Some Chinese-owned shops were also used as living spaces, with bedrooms, kitchens and toilets.

The majority of Nquthu's local people rely on small and developing businesses for job opportunities. With a number of Chinese-owned shops operating in the town, Zikalalala was shocked to find that some of these businesses do not have permits to operate.

Zikalalala made an unexpected visit to check whether the shops comply with all laws that protect the rights of employees and consumers. In some stores he found expired food for sale on the shelves.

On other items the expiry date had been scratched off so that customers could not see that the items had expired.

Zikakalala asked whether the business was registered but the answer was not what he had expected to hear.

At another Chinese-owned store, he was shocked to see food items such as bread and other consumables, which had expired, still on the shelves.

It was also found that the same store was used as living space with a bedroom, kitchen and toilet, although food is stored and sold in the store.

One of the customers in the store said she was unaware that the store sells expired food. She said she was concerned about the hygiene of food for sale in the shop.  

“I did not know that they sell expired food and I am shocked about that. But I will not come here again.”

Zikalala issued a warning to shop owners to comply with the law or see their shops closed down.

He said he would return in a few weeks' time to ensure that the problems had been rectified and the shop keepers have proper documentation.

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that businesses register with government and we say some need to be closed as they don't comply whereas others need to get proper documents. And we will come soon to check if they have applied and are operating legally.”

Meanwhile, political parties are still continuing with their campaigning in the area in the run up to the by-election which will take place on Wednesday next week.

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