SABC News - Climate change part of SA’s govt program: Molewa:Tuesday 23 May 2017

Climate change part of SA’s govt program: Molewa

Tuesday 23 May 2017 12:48

Lebo Tshangela

Edna Molewa says Germany and other countries are helping South Africa put together long term climate change policies.(Lebo Tshangela)

Environment Minister Edna Molewa says climate change is being built into South Africa’s planning program.

Molewa addressed the second day of the 8th Petersberg Climate Dialogue on Tuesday in Berlin, Germany. The dialogue is attended by G20 countries which South Africa is amongst them.

“Our National Planning Commission is working with all the intervention scenarios planning process, we focus specifically on the long term long carbon climate resilient which will be completed in the year 2018.”

She says Germany and other countries are  helping South Africa put together long term climate change policies, long term mitigation plan and long term adaptation plan, which are at a very advanced stage.

“There are industries that are going to face challenges and some industries will decline at the same time, however it is an opportunity for green growth. Our policy is clear as South Africa that no one must be left behind, we are moving forward with all industries.”

Molewa says they have put together a new program on renewable energies as part of the Renewable Energy Program Independent Producers Program which involves other stakeholders from government.

She admitted that coal is a big problem in the country but says carbon capture and storage should play a role in alleviating fossil fuel.

'Sixty percent of the emissions are not taxed, only 10% are taxed.'

Earlier, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) delivered their report, OECD Secretary-General, Jose Angel Gurria delivering the report says a fat price should be put  on carbon.

“ Sixty percent of the emissions are not taxed, only 10% are taxed.”

He says investing in climate is good for growth, business and health. Gurria says 10 million jobs have being destroyed many countries.

“We are trying to reconstruct and get back by delivering on our investment by doing the right investment.”

The report says G20, which account for 85% of global GDP and 80% of CO2 emissions should adopt a combination of pro-growth and environment policies such as carbon pricing with supportive economic policies to drive  growth centred on investment in low-emission, climate resilient infrastructure.

The report also shows that taking action only after 2025 would lead to average output loss for G20 economies of 2% after 10 years relative to taking action now.

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