SABC News - SA Govt to go ahead with its decision on Israel products:Saturday 15 September 2012

SA Govt to go ahead with its decision on Israel products

Saturday 15 September 2012 07:22


Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies(SABC)

Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies, says government will go ahead with its decision to insist that products from parts of Israel be labelled as being from occupied territories.


Addressing Parliament's Trade and Industry committee, Davies said he was aware that threats of litigation had been made. Davies says the aim is not to boycott products from Israel.


"We went out on a public consultation on the matter and the public consultation let me say, that the vast majority of the inputs we've received was that we need to make that differentiation in the SA market, of products of Israel per se or products from outside Israel. That consumers have the right to know whether the product is coming from proper Israel, 67 borders, or coming from Israel occupied territories," added Davies.


The South African Zionist Federation and SDV Pharmaceuticals have meanwhile asked the High Court in Pretoria to declare the labelling unlawful.


The groups believe that government's notice to label the products contravenes sections of the Consumer Protection Act. 

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