SABC News - YCL must actively participate in ANC Youth League: Nzimande:Sunday 4 March 2012

YCL must actively participate in ANC Youth League: Nzimande

Sunday 4 March 2012 08:25


SACP Secretary-General, Blade Nzimande

SACP Secretary-General, Blade Nzimande(SABC)

SACP Secretary-General Blade Nzimande has urged members of the Young Communist League (YCL) to actively participate in the ANC Youth League. He wants to ensure that the youth league largely reflects the interests of the working class youth.

Delivering a lecture to members of the SACP in Durban, Nzimande says the Communist League must engage the ANCYL in its campaign for economic freedom. “If you claim you are an economic freedom fighter but you are against socialism and the South African communist party it means that's just a slogan to cover some other interests of self enrichment and accumulation.”


He says: “YCL go and engage the Youth League. Let's go and talk politics with the youth. Don't run away from the ANC Youth League. It's the task of communists to be in the ANC Youth League. The ANC Youth League is not a private property of anybody. It should actually be representing the interests of the majority of working class youth in this country.”

SACP has called on Cosatu leadership to speak out against its members who criticise the party in the media.  Nzimande says while they welcome Cosatu's commitment to engage in constructive criticism, it should not be done publicly. 

He says members of the tripartite alliance should respect each other "and if you consistently repeat the same thing in the media that becomes a campaign against the SACP, it's no longer a genuine engagement at all. You are actually opening up the party."

"If we were to do the same as the SACP we would be opening Cosatu up. That is not in the interest of both our organisations. We respect our allies, we respect ANC as our ally, we respect Cosatu as our ally. We equally deserve our respect," Nzimande lamented.

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