SABC News - Robert Mugabe’s heart attack rumours rejected:Thursday 14 January 2016

Robert Mugabe’s heart attack rumours rejected

Thursday 14 January 2016 19:47

Shingai Nyoka

President Robert Mugabe will turns 92 in February.(REUTERS)

Zimbabwe's government says President Robert Mugabe is well and fine, rejecting rumours that the 91-year-old leader has been hospitalised.

Presidential Spokesperson, George Charamba, has dismissed as false reports that the president had collapsed after a heart attack in the far east, where he is on his annual holiday.  

The reports originated with a website based outside Zimbabwe called Zimeye, which quoted unnamed intelligence sources.

Charamba told the Herald Newspaper that rumours of the sickness and death have become the usual chorus every January when the president is on leave.

He claims it's the website's way of increasing hits so it gets dirty money from Google.

Social media was awash with messages that the President Mugabe had died.   

Charamba says the government is seeking ways to deal with what he calls the extra-territorial mischief.

President Mugabe, who turns 92 in February, has been on annual leave in the far East since December 24th.

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