SABC News - Ramaphosa has no ambition to be SA President:Sunday 23 December 2012

Ramaphosa has no ambition to be SA President

Sunday 23 December 2012 07:57


ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa says he has no ambitions to become head of state. Investors have lauded the decision to appoint the astute businessman to the key position.  The billionaire businessman insists he was initially reluctant to get back into politics until several people and groups persuaded him.


Ramaphosa has meanwhile moved to assure international investors that the ruling party will not implement policies which discourage foreign direct investment. 


Ramaphosa was reacting to reports that the recent economic downgrades by international rating agencies have had a negative impact on the country's viability as an investment destination.  Rating agencies Moodys and Standard and Poors have attributed the downgrades to lack of clarity on the countries socio-economic policies and the recent labour unrests in the mining and agricultural sectors.


Ramaphosa also urged foreign investors to embrace governments National Development Plan and the New Growth Path.


For the full interview - including an explanation of his controversial Marikana emails, as well as his R18-million buffalo bid - watch Sunday Live tonight on SABC 1, from 18h30.



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