SABC News - Students protest demanding free higher education:Monday 11 January 2016

Students protest demanding free higher education

Monday 11 January 2016 11:48

Sashin Naidoo

Scores of students from Wits University's main campus in Braamfontein have begun protesting at Senate House.

The students are demanding free higher education.

Students from the University of Johannesburg are also protesting on Kingsway Campus in Auckland Park.

The angry students have begun gathering in their numbers at the University's Senate house where they have begun with the first day of protests this year.

The students are all singing and dancing while holding up placards calling for registration fees to be scrapped and higher education to be free.

Wits spokesperson Shirona Pateley says the registration process has already been disrupted and a meeting is currently underway to make a call on whether or not registrations would have to be put on hold.

Last year, The Fees Must Fall campaign led to a presidential announcement that there would be a zero percent increase in study fees for 2016.

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