SABC News - Young SA writer launches book in KZN:Sunday 16 December 2012

Young SA writer launches book in KZN

Sunday 16 December 2012 07:10


Durban based teen lauches her book

Durban based teen lauches her book (SABC)

A 13-year-old Durban girl has written and published a book encouraging co-existence between animals and man. Joseanne Capelo says her novel 'Sunshine in Dark Times' is also aimed at showing young teens that there is always a way out of difficult situations. She is part of the "Dancing Pencils Writing Club" - that encourages children to write and helps them publish their books. She will be launching the novel at a major book store in Durban today.


The young writer says: “The book is about a young girl horse called Rachel who is uprooted from her care-free life in America to live together with her father in England but as soon as she arrives - she realises that he is brutal. I think every cloud has a silver lining in that whenever life seems to be at its worse there will always someone there to pick you up. The book will be readable especially to the elevens and up and a lot of people have contributed and supported me very well, Felicity Keats, Veena Gangaaram and friends."

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