SABC News - Organisation calls for cancellation of Zamir concert:Monday 26 August 2013

Organisation calls for cancellation of Zamir concert

Monday 26 August 2013 17:49


Daniel Zamir's concert is set for Wednesday.

Daniel Zamir's concert is set for Wednesday evening at the Wits Great Hall (SABC)

Human rights organisation, Boycott Divestment Sanctions (BDS) has called on Wits University's Vice Chancellor Adam Habib to cancel Wednesday's Daniel Zamir concert because of what it says is a racist rant.

The organisation has released audio recordings of what they say is proof of ethnic racism, profiling and background-clearing
practised by the Israeli lobby in South Africa.

BDS has released a recorded conversation between the organisers of the Daniel Zamir concert.

In the recording, a student called and asked whether the concert is a Jewish only event and the organiser is heard saying: "Yes, it is".
BDS says a group linked to the SA Jewish Board of Deputies and the SA Zion Federation bought all the tickets to ensure that only the Jewish community attend the concert.

The organisation says should the concert go ahead it will stage a massive protest outside its venue.

In response to the allegation, the South African Jewish Board of Deputies’ President Zev Krengel says that the charges of ‘racism’ are baseless.

He says, “The assertion that only Jews are permitted to attend the concert is a gross falsehood. The only ‘evidence’ that has been advanced is the response by a junior independent contractor to sell tickets, who had simply misunderstood what the brief was."
Krengel adds: “As will be demonstrated on the night, those attending come from all over the racial, religious and ethnic spectrum.”

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