SABC News - Grain South Africa warns of soaring food prices:Friday 19 February 2016

Grain South Africa warns of soaring food prices

Friday 19 February 2016 14:55

Lulama Matya

Grain SA says the escalated prices of food will be as a result of drought.

Grain SA says the escalated price of food will be as a result of the drought. (SABC)

Grain South Africa has again warned of soaring food prices in the next coming months.

The organisation was briefing Parliament's oversight committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on the impact of drought on the grain industry.

Last year, is believed to have had the lowest rainfall since 1904.

Grain South Africa is estimating that under the current situation, the country will have to import about 7.3 million tons of grain.

Chief Executive Officer Jannie de Villiers says South Africans are facing tough times ahead.

“The market will make sure there is enough food in the country, the biggest challenge is affordability. I saw maize prices in some of the shops in rural areas, I don't know how they will afford, it is going to be very tough. We going to be in trouble as far as food prices are concerned and I think we need to sit down with the private sector and say what is it that it can do. How we get over this?”

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