SABC News - Language plays a key role in our identity:Thursday 24 September 2015

'Language plays a key role in our identity'

Thursday 24 September 2015 09:05


Founders of Timbila, Dr Vonani Bila and Mr Max Marhanele.(SABC)

Founder and editor of the poetry journal Timbila in Limpopo, Vonani Bila says South Africans need to recognise that this is their country and they must celebrate everything that makes them Africans.

"Language plays a very important role and it’s the key function in determining their own identity. For us as writers and publishers we see our own indigenous languages showing the direction South Africa needs to take and Africa in general in taking its place in the world's global economics and politics,” says Bila.

Speaking on Morning Live Bila says South Africans should hold their culture and tradition very high and take it to the world.

He says as much as we need to acknowledge English as a global language we need to take pride in our own languages.

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