SABC News - Irresponsible behaviour by motorists cause deaths: Minister:Saturday 4 May 2013

Irresponsible behaviour by motorists cause deaths: Minister

Saturday 4 May 2013 12:35


Transport Minister Ben Martins says the primary cause of deaths on our roads is the irresponsibility of motorists, people who drive under the influence of alcohol.  

He was speaking at the national launch of the United Nations Global Road Safety Week in Soweto.
The focus for this year is on pedestrian safety and ensuring they walk safely.  

According to the United Nations, globally over 5 000 pedestrians die every week on the road.  

Martins says 42% of people who died on the road this Easter were pedestrians walking on the roads.  

"They visit shebeens, they visit night clubs and when they are in shebeens and night clubs some of them have more than enough to drink and when they are drunk they walk on the roads.  And as a result of them walking on the roads recklessly they are hit by oncoming vehicles and that causes a number of our people to die on our roads.'

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