SABC News - Immerse yourself in worlds unknown with Virtual Reality:Sunday 23 April 2017

Immerse yourself in worlds unknown with Virtual Reality

Sunday 23 April 2017 19:07

Dinilohlanga Mekuto

A first time VR user is exploring the virtual world aroound her using HTC Vive VR platform at the Rand Show.(Dinilohlanga Mekuto)

If you own a Samsung S series phone or an iPhone (from 4 to latest) and you not tech savvy, you might be missing out on one of the most interesting technologies to date.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a reality for owners of such phones and with VR headsets becoming cheaper by the day, you can now escape reality to discover virtual worlds unknown.

Richard Mcadam runs a VR space in Melville with 27 boxes and says the possibilities with VR are endless.

"The opportunities are unlimted with VR."

Mcadam's business manufactures and sells Google cardboard and other VR headsets.

He says this technology has the power to revolutionise education in the classroom.

" Google has released a product called Google Expeditions. Each expediton consists of a set of high quality panoramic photographs. Each expedition focuses on a theme, from scientific to geographic expeditions. For an example there is an expedition that tours Mount Everest base camp. You have biological expeditions looking at the human body, the lung the heart. In the expeditions the teacher controls the information through a tablet, and the kids through Google Cardboard, they view the Virtual Reality experience."

With apps like Google Expedition even pupils in rural areas can "visit" places they never imagined visiting.

Google has other interesting apps to get one started on this journey of discovery. And you only need about R150 to get started.

Get your hands on a Google cardboard headset (yes the device is made of cardboard) or a plastic based one with head straps like Samsung's Gear VR or any generic one, download the Google cardboard app and you are ready to go.

Appolo 15 VR app, Google Expedition and even Google Street View are great apps to get you started.

Once you have the apps you can impress your friends, children even your boss by taking them to destinations unknown.

For more on VR and the technology see video below:

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