SABC News - On-going piracy battle in the SA music industry:Saturday 25 January 2014

On-going piracy battle in the SA music industry

Saturday 25 January 2014 12:09


The South African music industry is on an on-going battle of piracy.

Artists and record companies lose an estimated R500 million each year to piracy.

Speaking on AM News, CEO of the Southern African Federation Against Copyright Theft, Ms Corne Guldenpfennig and Eugene Goulouw from the South African Music Rights Organisation touch on some of the causes and means to combat piracy.

Corne cited that some of the contributing factors to piracy are price and availability of the content, while Goulouw indicated that combating piracy is an issue as most people are not even aware that they are pirating through file sharing.

They further state that the piracy game is part of a far bigger organised crime syndicate while the regular man on the street remains a small force.

They also speak about some of the initiatives and programmes that are in place and soon to be launched that raise awareness against piracy.

Edited by Paballo Lephaka

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