SABC News - SA Mzansi Ballet optimistic about their future:Friday 11 January 2013

SA Mzansi Ballet optimistic about their future

Friday 11 January 2013 20:01

Nozintombi Miya

The South African Mzansi Ballet is looking at a number of options to raise the necessary funds(SABC)

The South African Mzansi Ballet is optimistic about their future with their new business initiative and upcoming showing of Don Quixote at the Joburg Theatre in March, the company is tackling their financial challenges with creativity.

Dance instructor Angela Malan said: "The most important thing is to get the money in so we can continue doing these amazing productions."

It's all about technique and posture, their faces; masks of concentration. 

Ballet dancer Keke Chele comes from Sharpeville, Soweto. He has been dancing from an early age.  "It is my work, it is my job; it is my love; I get to do it on a daily bases who else can say they get to dance on a daily basis" said Chele.

CEO of SA Mzansi Ballet Dirk Badenhorst said: "We have just been surviving and I think that has been our biggest challenge financially we need to look at what we can do with the resources we have".

But there is some light. Harvard Business School is working with the company to raise awareness.

Meryl Holt from Harvard Business School said: “There is a tension between art and business. There is real value in treating the company as a business, to make it sustainable over the long term; and awareness is a big issue."

Despite the problems facing the company, they remain optimistic and look forward to the next show. 

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