SABC News - Women urged to uplift each other in business:Friday 18 August 2017

Women urged to uplift each other in business

Friday 18 August 2017 06:59

Paballo Lephaka

Amari Marketing & Communications Founder and Marketing Director Dimakatso Moloantoa says women need to affirm their presence in the workplace.

Dimakatso Moloantoa says women need to affirm their presence in the workplace. (Instagram: @dimakatso_dynamite )

Women need to stop competing and instead focus on working together to empower each other in their business environments.

This is the sentiment echoed by Founder and Marketing Director at Amari Marketing & Communications, Dimakatso Moloantoa.

According to the Commission for Employment Equity 2016-2017 Report, a mere 35% of senior management positions are occupied by women.

The Commission for Gender Equality has found that female managers in organisations are sometimes notorious for ill-treating their subordinates instead of supporting them.

As an entrepreneur and strong advocate for women’s advancement, Moloantoa has called for more proactive measures to curb these damning realities and statistics.

Moloantoa says women need to affirm their presence in the workplace and unite to empower each other.

“Even though there’s a lot of talk about women empowerment, there not much action…We do a lot of complaining and whining in the back, but I don’t think we’re screaming loud enough and we do not show our value enough. We need to understand that we are in this together and we are not competing against each other and then as a united front, we will be able to get more done.”

Born in Standerton in Mpumalanga, the 29-year-old creative and Marketing post graduate says she has always had a vested interest in transforming and growing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMMEs).

This passion, coupled with an entrepreneurial drive, led Moloantoa towards registering her company, Amari Marketing & Communications, with the aim of providing sound marketing solutions for SMMEs.

“I enjoy the strategy part and the creativity that goes into building businesses. So even though in the beginning I didn’t know this is where I was going…I realise that building small and medium sized enterprises; which are a very big part of the economy, is something very dear to me. And people’s passions are also very important to me because you get a lot of people who have amazing ideas and amazing products and services, but they don’t know how to market them. So that’s where I step in.”

Moloantoa is also passionate about assisting SMMEs to get the funding and training needed to help sustain their businesses in the long run.

She is working closely with business incubator, Riversands Incubation Hub, in an initiative called FundEX, which aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and funders.

Moloantoa says she hopes to inspire other young and aspiring female entrepreneurs through her work.

She intends to achieve this by serving as an example that women are more than capable of effectively running their own businesses in predominantly male-led industries.

As South Africa still marks Women’s Month, Moloantoa has cautioned the nation, particularly young people, against forgetting the selfless contributions of the women of 1956.

“I do think women are celebrated enough. But I think the origin of this day (Women’s Day) was based on struggle and what women did in the past. I think we’re moving away from that and we are at risk of our children seeing it as another public holiday and not understanding what contribution women made in the politics of this country.”

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