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What does Freedom Day mean to you?

Thursday 25 April 2013 09:52


What are your thoughts about Freedom Day? Let us know. (SABC)

On 27 April 2013, South Africa celebrated 19 years since the first democratic all-race historic elections in 1994. Each year this date is celebrated as Freedom Day.

According to the Department of Arts and Culture the 2013 Freedom Day theme is 'Mobilising South Africans in highlighting the progress made in consolidating democracy, freedom and ensuring a better life for all' since the April 27, 1994 elections.

The celebrations will also provide an opportunity for South Africans to reflect on the road to democracy, deepen the understanding of how democracy was achieved and to appreciate and acknowledge the contribution the unsung heroes and heroines in their respectful communities including the contribution of other African countries and the rest of the world. 

What does Freedom Day mean to you? Please leave a comment below. 


"I'm Free as a Black young woman to have Education, Social life and Work." Lynette Ausi Mengwai

"It means being free from oppression that am forefathers went thru,it's a vital day that means a lot to our Africans citizen's . It's a day that one celebrate the democracy evolution." Portia ranokot

"It means we as people of this country must feel free" maseloa tisetso

"More money for the Gupta family, and more suffering for those who fought for the liberation like former Umkhondo we Sizwe members who are so destitude today." Kenny Tokwana Mk member Free State

"What is Freedom when there is still people living in poverty,when there is still police brutality against the same race that suffered for hundreds of years under slavery? Is it Freedom when we placed in small boxes(rdp houses),yet our counterparts are still living in luxury.What is Freeddom when we still go to bed without food...Freedom is not yet Free!" Mp..Bloemfontein

"So freedom day yes have mean to me we can do anything that we want eg like we can go to white school or white own shop.Black people have long way to go there i am proud to be S.A and now between balck people and white people are friend.Now black people can buy house next to white S.A is big changer for youth people very pain for us to see lose old people who is fight for our life and our futuer." Maso Bhengu, Lamontville, Durban.

"It means absolutely nothing except corruption poor service and time delaying tectics by my party ANC. Good developments strategy and economic plans but far less implementation. Too much research and billions are invested but still far less on action. Im not voting this coming election ANC has dismally failed the public." Jhb Siboniso 

"1) It means that now I have to have security fence, beams, alarms and weapons and still don't feel safe.

2) It means that bribery, corruption, nepotism, murder, total inefficiency in all state departments.

3) It means profound racial discrimination against all whites. 

4) It means that we now have one of the highest unemployment rates in the world and have also become uncompetitive against the world due to crime, highly paid labour, stupid labour laws and trading laws.

5) It means we are becoming poorer and our currency steadily slipping.

6) Supporting a corrupt bafoon of a president says that most of the electorate are not really savvy enough to have the vote. It is like children having the power to tell their parents what to do.

Freedom day makes me angry. It is a contradiction" W. KERR Vaaltriangle

"It means hell because it always reminds me how not free we are and how all of us are brainwashed to think otherwise and expected to appreciate days like that." Kay G from Vosloorus

"Nothing when you have to hide behind barb wire hire security and fortress your home" Dpacttion durban

"Once upon a time Freedom Day had meaning. It symbolized the breakaway from the shackles of Apartheid and the policies of that time. Today, that freedom is slowly recoiling, shackling us once again. With the introduction of the Information Bill, courts that have ruled against public will (e-tolling case), corruption from the leaders and those in position, religious intolerance that is on the increase, police brutality, lack of service delivery, red-tape affecting everything from education, to the health sector, to trade with little and very expensive recourse for those who stand up to any of these and other injustices. And, of course the one thing people of this country refuse to acknowledge - racism in reverse (Africans over any other race)! So what does Freedom Day mean today? Just be thankful our rights are still more respected than countries such as Burma, Palestine, America, ..... But that doesn't mean our Freedom isn't being curtailed and abused by those in power!" Sara, South Africa

"Nothing to me' Tsory ka Radebe Temba

"Freedom Day for me is very special ! I waited 15 years for my baby girl, and she was born on 27 April 2001." melanie - durban

"It means absolutely nothing to me." Thami from Katlehong,Gauteng

"Nothing, where has the promise of a "Better Life For All" gone to? Most of the population are worse off now than they ever were before. The only ones that are better off are the government fat cats, they have made sure of that, now there is nothing left for anyone else." Santa Clors  Johannesburg.

"my grandson was born on 27/4/1995 freedom day and  that and only that makes it a good day for me." L van SCHALKWYK KROONSTAD

"Freedom Day mean everyone in SA must be liberated;  irrespective of the racial discrimination." Nkokeleng, Ga-Modjadji



"I can vote for any one of my choice

I don't have to carry a pass book everyday of my life 24/7

I can stay anyway I like without being judged by the colour of my skin.

i can say anything i like without fearing arrest

The above is some of the freedoms i enjoyed since death of apartheid in 1994, i would dearly like to thank my struggle heroes who gave me the oportunity to be free...weldone my heroes........... "  Phillip From Soweto

"there is no freedom when there are no jobs for the people" Alan grouch, Canada

"Freedom day is a farce, because people are no more free from corruption, taxes, unemployment and violence than they were 30 years ago." Emandi-East London

"It means nothing to me as with it came bee now due to the fact I am white and very well educated I cannot find employment" mike veatson jbay

"I can vote for any one of my choice (as long as it is ANC). I don't have to carry a pass book everyday of my life 24/7 (Now I have to carry my ID book (same thing)). I can stay anyway I like without being judged by the colour of my skin.(I can only stay where I can afford it. If  I work for the government I can stay where I like). i can say anything i like without fearing arrest (wait until the new secrecy bill in approved)." Nkosi mahope

"mhhhh, let me see, Yes our government have done amazing job but they are constantly neglacting EDUCATION (if you can look at fomer Model-c schools vs township/rural schools, you will know what i'm talking about, I'm not talking about infrastructure but the Curriculum). Grade 3 pupils from Model-C are familiar with multiplication, division and so forth but ask a learener from rural school about multiplication.....Secondly, good people are being punished for their behaviour, For example, prisoners are getting support from government but a good student who needs funding for her studies is being told to repay the money that government has been using for 

her stufies, what is that ?" Stan from Alex

"What is freedom if they appoint a candidate because of his skin colour and not according to his expertise. And now you wonder why South Africa is in the state that it is. ****Reverse Apartheid****" Pieter Sielie

"freedom day means nothing to me .prior to 1994 i was a liberal, but the anc has turned me into a full blown racist" dave oudshoorn

"I am not free. My people are not free. changes has happened and we glad for that. I cannot celebrate the day,while my people are still struggling when i am still struggling.  1994 was a time shift only" Derick from Capetown

"The end of a safe life in SA." soutie 

"I enjoy not going to work on this day - but nothing to celebrate as it's just a reminder of when the decline started in the country - actually depressing." ClarkKent Johannesburg

"Free of what????  we are worse of than ever before.. the anc had a country to build on.. they choose to brake it down with all the corruption.. strikes.. etc.....  Fokus on the amount of children allowed per family.. maybe then in 40 years from now there will place for all of us in society.. how can you even compare a household with 2 kids to a house with 7.. there simply is not enough space for all of us and the rate we multiply!" anita from vredenburg

"Freedom for corrupt people bcos crime pays in da new sa." thabo frm limpopp

"With all the graft going on it is really hollow. The current government - Zuma included - is stealing from all citizens and the poor gets affected most. They do not give a hoot who or what is affected, as long as they 'score'. They drive around in flashy cars, they tell a lot of lies in their speaches, it STINKS. I sincerely hope that they have a crushing defeat in the coming election, and all those grafters - Zuma included - are without work for years to come." West from Pretoria

"That is the day all the "dom" people want everything for "free"" Mxwexwane eThekwini

"That was the day that ended paradise in South Africa.  I thought it was all fair in love and war to give the black people a chance but they are busy destroying this beautiful country. They hate "each other" and take it out on the white people who is still trying to push this wagon forward.  May God be merciful to us.  You can not worship the dead and proclaim your a Christian.  You can not ask the dead to protect you or give you advise what to do in your life and 90percent of them believe like that.  That is why SA is in such a state." Des, South Africa



"People of color fought for the right to freedom and empowered their people. The empowered use the same rights to challenge the system (ie, not in my job description, walk in/out, answering personal cells phones, eat, sleep, disappear, during official hours are the order of the day, )........hence loss of job and seniority respect is blatant, hence PRODUCTION LEVELS ARE AT IT'S LOWEST!! DOES IT TAKE A ROCKET SCIENTIST TO KNOW's time for the powers be to respect Intelligence, Expertise, Checks/Balances - Controls, Loyalty, Humility, etc.!! BE REMINDED THAT UNDOUBTEDLY THE NOW EMPOWERED - UNDER APARTHEID RULE - Respected their Jobs and Seniority and production levels were at its highest!! " Sarah, Durban

"It means I am equal to any South Africa resident. but it has no value in terms of my economic worth, I'm like my fathers who were broke before 1994. it is just another day." Phillip, White River (Mpumalanga)

"To me it means to celebrate our country's diversity and to recognize and celebrate the injustices of our country." Raditaolana Mokhomo University of Johannesburg

"nothing before freedom day and nothing after" Gordon  Durban

"1. Hardship for those who lost their loved ones fighitng the oppressive apartheid system. 2. Cursed to former MK operatives who are hopeless because no-one is looking after them but lost their youthful years fighting apartheid." Thulani - Gauteng

"Free to practice corrupt activities that use to be cash cow of Mzansi leaders." Mafelentweni Nkomazi. 


"Freedom ??? what Freedom ??? I'm white in SA , I don't have the freedom that my black comrades enjoy." Constantine Free State

"it mean nothing to me cause it is freedom to anc.but not to south african peole.seeing the condition of schools jobs lost poverty thats say it all." ursula  gauteng

"It means that my young children have no future just because they are white. No matter how hard they work or how much they deserve to be successful." GF Western Cape

"Means nothing this year - falls on Saturday so no public holiday. : -( " Loon - JHB

"It makes me sad to think how little has been accomplished in 19 years because BILLIONS of Rands are being put in the pockets of corrupt officials. The Rainbow is being destroyed because of this." Lukie Malherbe Jhb

"Sadly it does not mean very much as we are total prisoners in our homes, to scared to leave that perceived safety to go out a mingle with others celebrating the birth of, what can now only be called a "false democracy"" Macduff, Kwazulu Natal

"Up until 2008 it was about freedom from apartheid, now it is seems the reverse." Bob, JHB

"peace unity preservation and restoration of human dignity in the liberation of our country from a long period of colonialism. Freedom day is and annual celebration of South Africa's first non-racial democratic elections of 1994" arise and shine organisation from Inanda,Ohlange ,KZN

"19 years of decline in standards of education, service delivery, health services, increase in poverty, racial and social discrimination against whites and other minority groups. The 19 year wall of lies upon lies by the ANC." Alan JHB

"what freedom day are you talking about??? is there really freedom for the people who work and live honest lives, or is there freedom for only the scums who do all the wrong things like murder, rape, house and business robberies, hi-jackings, kidnappings etc??? the price of things spiralling out of control thru the greed of the party ruling and still no one has the courage to do anything about it, yes there are complains, but do something more, take action man, that is when u would be heard, look at petrol, this fkn govt increases it like hell so as they are the ones making a killing on it, and before u say no, look at the borders to where we supply fuel to, they pay a much lower rate for their fuel and their stations even sell it cheaper there than ours do here, reason??? F**** UP GOVT. if this is what freedom means, then i would say it is an everyday occurrence for us living here, because it is what we have to go through everyday, what with the rising of fuel, water and electricity, that gets stolen from all the illegal jon dols thats built around neighbourhoods that the f**** govt does nothing about, and its because of that as well that crime goes up in those neighbourhoods, and those people have to spend extra on water and electricity that is being stolen by the people living in shacks, is that what freedom is??? for those who steal things freely without having to worry because they know they have a govt they can count on??? freedom day is a joke, no i am sorry, its not a joke, and thats because of all the crime, lives lost and heartache that has followed with this so called freedom day, thou a name that would be more fitting would be damned day, cos thats what has happened to this country since it went out of its original power, to people who raped and stolen from it with no thought whatsoever to the consequences of their immoral doings. thats freedom day for u, all f**** b****" Mav, Durban

"Freedomday is another public holiday where I dred to watch or read the evening news as ithas all been " hijacked" by political parties. Freedom day should be about freedom and the responsibilities that goes with it. NOT POLETICS!!!!" Linstrom , Harrismith

"Absolutely nothing. There's no freedom, just a pack of lies and corruption, and empty promises." Skellum Klonki, Diepsloot

"The fact that everyone in SA has political freedom is fantastic. The fact that some abuse this to have freedom of corruption like our president and others to rape and steal is really disgusting." Andre RSA

"I am not sure...... i guess it depends...some are free than others ........graduated in 2003 and still looking for a job. I guess thats my freedom!!!!!!" hurting, eastern cape 

"all South Africans can live and move where they like without prejudice. BUT. living in compounds, the daily bribe,  my black friends that are living in worse conditions than during apartheid, state thievery that would put the ottoman empire to shame, state sponsored hooliganism that would make Hitler blush. the price of daily foodstuffs skyrocketing to the point that the poor black man would never really understand why his forefathers died for freedom. I could carry on, but my right to free speech has been taken away today" pravda south africa

"Nothing. It is all about race and one group and party, Its not about the people." Kevin - Phhalaborwa

"Nothing because my people is not free. They are harrassed and discriminated against in all SA with BEE AA and ANC." Willem Gauteng

"Freedom........ What freedom?  There is more misery than ever.   Instead of worrying about colour, why not try to make things better for everyone and let fairness and justice prevail.  Overlook colour and work as ONE.  Only when all prejudice is eradicated, can the future for everyone look better, but some people keep on harping on old issues instead of looking forward - this way, we will always have a divided nation no matter what.  STOP CORRUPTION, and let people be accountable for what they do from the highest to the lowest.  If the ""highest"" in power sets an example, the rest will automatically start to heal." Loser of Hope Johannesburg

"nothing if we are not economically free to do and create wealth. the government is trying but freedom is half if you still live in shacks and do not have hope."  Biyase Germiston

"Nothing!!!!! as a white Male south african i feel more enslaved in this country by greedy polititians ,with a country in shambles and and  police force that is dedicated to our safety why would anyone feel free ????"Will Jhb

"Absolutely sweet nothing." Sas 

"Born Suffering and Still suffering..." Matome Limpopo

"nothing, nothing at all." john mpumalanga

"It means nothing to me. Women are raped & killed daily, so as a woman I am living in fear I am not free at all." Sophie  Gauteng

"The "new" South Africa has many shortcomings but it is infinitely better than the old South Africa. My wish is that we become what we could become, and that there is comfort , plenty and happiness for all. It is a great privilege to be part of this nation and I am so glad that I lived long enough to be part of the new South Africa. May the goodness, truth, love and common sense that abounds among our people  triumph on a national scale." Rose, Gauteng

"freedom day to us means a lot, i am who i am today because of freedom, perhaps if it was not about 27 April 1994, i was even going to be able to talk English, or rather would not have acquired this knowledge." moloko masetla from ga Dikgale

"Freedom to me means to be able to access good education, to be able to live in a descent home, to be able to eat healthy and nourishing food, to have access to proper health facilities and opportunity to employment. It means I could walk at all hours of the day & night without the fear of getting attacked. It means woman are treated with respect & dignity. Freedom to me is being able to precise your religion without being discriminated. My forefathers and father fought tooth and nail so that one day I could be able to access such freedom but that was all in vain. My freedom today after 20yrs of liberation is being stolen by greed & selfish politicians who think they are the only people who fought for freedom." Khanya Myataza CPT

"Not much!" Shane, Gauteng

"Feedom Day means nothing to me exept reminding me of the crime position and until this is rectified we wont be free." Ben Spreeth Cape Town

"I have access to places that had been denied to me before. My children will not be sub-consciously conditioned to feel inferior because they are non-white. But ironically, I am unable to appreciate that freedom as my safety and peace of mind are increasingly under threat as crime is rampant and criminals act with impunity. I remember vehemently rejecting the ""gutter education"" of the past but today the quality  of education offered to the less privileged makes me realize what gutter 

education really is. There is little to celebrate except a day off." Carole, Cape Town

"Dude r u kidding me?? It's FREE-DOM" Papi : Midrand

"Nothing :People's life's means nothing in our democratio country .Corrption has become second nature to this government.Some of our youth of today believe that they were part of the struggle against apartheid the way they carry on. R912 million that this corrupt government wants to give to another corrupt country makes you think why did we. Fight for freedoms." Ricardo Cheemee from Capetown

"The day I was allowed to choose the government I wanted, however, I'm not sure if that vote mean anything anymore. I think the people running the government are no longer committed to the ordinary person who put them there. As a country we need to revisit the commitments and promises made and ensure that those that are charged with service delivery provide quality service and not just waste resources due to greed." Hlamalani - Randpark Ridge

"For me freedom day means that im happy to suffer even more than I did during the apparteid era,as long as iam not joining the ruling party.that's why im still not seeing myself as free.people on the gravytrain are the ones who enjoy the whatsocalled freedom day." Sipho six


"It means nothing to me .I pass poor people everyday .I support three families .A system i work for deny me rights for improving lifes of others .We lost longtime ago .I was country was sold on the table of brotherwood .Their rich and friends often invite each other .But my freedom will come .My South Africa will be back and all african children will smile and find joy in their own mother land .We are not free ." Moses NorthWest

"Absolutely nothing at all, considering the fact that I have not seen the fruit of this so called freedom. Nepotism and Tribalism is what our leaders promote. people are suffering but yet you say we are free. There is no Freedom without economic Freedon, our leaders are executive minded. self interest is wat they put their eyes on." Masia Mohale Siakha From Muwaweni Village

"freedom day means a lot to me cos since we get freedom life is gud to everyone although some of the white are still having aparteid but life its easy to we work together with white,we learn together and by this freedom we even rule whites." Precious from kinross

"Nothing. My financial loss and corrupt politicians gain." Malcolm, Cape Town

"Absolutely nothing, thinking about the day and the ANC makes me want to throw up." Pule - Johannesburg

"Braai day" Deon Pretoria

"Another public holiday..........." Linda from Cape Town

"Responsibility, humility and accountability to your immediate community." K.Mojanaga from Thaba Nchu

"It does not mean freedom from bigotry and racialism which it appears is the fuel of the ANC regime which it uses as propaganda to condone stealing of businesses and promoting mediocrity, destroying motivation which will reduce this country to it's lowest common denominator if unchecked. Anything to remain in power without accountability." Tony Gassner. Cape Town

"Bittersweet memories of such noble hope and great promise, now sadly the ashes of the flame of freedom, which has been quenched in our once great country." Coleen Stein Johannesburg

"Means so much to me..a day i was given an opportunity to vote for the party of my choice!

"The dawn of democracy! The birth of freedom and the death of apartheid!!!! Most of all,the unification of rainbow nation." - marcus makeke from atteridgeville in gauteng

"Better life for comrades, poverty for every one else." david from kzn

"It means nothing.  I am bound by my skin colour." Debbie from Gauteng

"Freedom? What freedom? As a white person going to Landbank for a loan and they tel you " sorry lady, you sound white and I am not going to waist your time. We dont give loans to white people any more." You tell me. Am I  free?" Debbie from Pretoria

"Freedom Day means to be free from all forms of injustices, unfairness, stereotypes, racial prejudices. Further, it means to have access to all available services, resources and opportunities. Lastly, it means to be able to enjoy all the rights that are enshrined in our Constitution. We also need to know freedom is a God-given gift to all humanity irrespective of sex, religion or creed. Freedom starts from within an individual. On this score, Ngugi wa Thiongo speaks about decolonising our minds. Thbile Gqola, Ward 35 Councillor, City of Cape Town

"As a woman in this country, I can only walk where there is a crowd of people. Nite or Day. 24/7 My movement is limited, or i risk being raped. Even if I am a Baby or Elderly Female. What freedom are you talking about?" Jackie Gauteng

"Freedom Day means that I am free from aphartheid,racists,oppresion and equality.Freedom to me means I can do whatever I want to as a south african citizen because I live in a democratic country...thanks to Tata MADIBA.. " TSHEPISO THEBE.LICHTENBURG

"it means that i can be or do what ever i like, talk and walk where and with whom i like, cause we are in a free and democratic cuontry. Help to improve on what LEGACY MADIBA  LEFT FOR US." BENJAMIN BEAUFORT WEST

"Freedom Day means the celebration of being liberated from the apartheid government, having the freedom of expression, movement and mostly equal rights amongst all races in South Africa." Sanele Benya from Pretoria West

"Freedom day to me means the beginning of being recognised by so called whites people that we are human beings,openning of opportunities to Africans." Thulani from Worcester, Western Cape

"One need not to underate others. Respect ,loyality, Honesty , Human life and pure promise can lead to a Freedom with the help of Almighty God ONLY." Mun`wanati- Giyani

"The Renaissance period,The Reformation or the period of Reawakening." Phinias Morodi .Zeerust

"Freedom Day mean Samething Big in my life.... Because njengomunt omusha sengiyakwazi ukufunda with White people nd live with Them.... Sithola same Education manje ...... Sihlala lapho sithandakhona akasekho umuntu osibandlululayo..... Nohulumeni wethu uyazizwa izikhalo zethu...nd Ngathola ithuba Lokuba Ngibe Ngumsakazi in Radio.... Into eyayingavamisile."

"It means a lot. Today i could go tertiary through the assistance of government and complete and become employed. The statistics just recently indicated that out of government 1million graduates in the 2011 if my correct , only 5% is not employed. Taking in to consideration that the government allows its citizens to attend primary and secondary school for free, offer food at school and transport in some other areas, this is are fruits of freedom. Freedom means a lot to me and today i have education, employed and have shelter too and this as results of freedom because i have passed matric  and went to tertiary through nafsas because i am from a poor background, raised by a single parent who was a domestic worker. But through the relaxed system of government , i have managed to pull through. South Africans must use this opportunity to go to school and become more free. I live and eat freedom and thanks South Africa for your care." mabu ramathoka from Polokwane, serala view estate

"Freedom day to me would mean to offer a black child quality education by qualified and skilled teachers who did not take teaching because there was no employment but teachers who are dedicated to spend extra time to ensure that we instil good values to our children. To offer empowering skills to the youth of this country, instead of celebrating freedom day by always engaging in unruly activities such as alcohol and partying have platforms that will educate the upraising generation about the importance of this day (Freedom Day). We need to adopt good work ethics amongst us and it starts with me and you. Instil discipline, encourage family structure, black boys need good men to mentor them and teach them how to become leaders and how to raise families." Charmaine Monareng

"Freedom Day to me is a celebration of 19 years of Freedom and we also celebrate Freedom Day and I think everybody should:)" Nishaat Cape Town

"I love South Africa! my wife is South African, Freedom has been established now it has to be stabilized and shared. The gap between the haves both black and white,is to wide the number of struggling poor is far to many two thirds of the indigenous population are still living in 3rd world conditions. This must be rectified for South Africa to reach its potential and achieve its rightful place in the world. South Africans are free, but free to be hungry? free to have no job,Free to live in a shack? Govt must make a real effort to narrow the gap.Long live South Africa as a proud and a Nation where freedom really means something.Celebrate and enjoy freedom day.But look to the freedom charter and the constitution.Enjoy enjoy"    Tony Crawford UK

"Freedom day means a lot to me, it was on this day that we as blacks got liberated from a long harsh, inhuman, hatred and unfairly discrimination conducted by selfish ruthless white minority. It was on this day that most of the barriers were broked apart by liberation, the ones that for instance prevented us from accessing quality education, created demarcation between the race and prohibited us from expressing ourselves in our indengineous languages. Even though economically there's still some obstacles to most of us, however we should acknowledge the progress that has been attained thus far. I am studying at Unisa and my studies are funded by the government, if it was not for this freedom I wouldn't have acquired that opportunity." Mthetheleli Panka Sibeko, from SOWETO (Dlamini 1)

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