SABC News - Democrats in SA want Obama to focus on Africa:Wednesday 7 November 2012

Democrats in SA want Obama to focus on Africa

Wednesday 7 November 2012 07:27

Tshepo Tsheole

Monica Faith Stewart says Democrats are proud to claim the victory

Monica Faith Stewart says Democrats are proud to claim the victory(REUTERS)

A jubilant Chairperson of Americans Living Abroad, Monica Faith Stewart, has urged the American administration to place a bigger focus on Africa, especially from a trade perspective.


Reacting to Barack Obama’s victory at the polls, Faith Stewart says Americans in Africa have something to say about America’s foreign policy. Thus, she says America’s State Department needs to be more responsive to Americans living abroad as they are the new face of America in terms of how people interact, something she says has been underestimated over time.


Not shy to show her elation during her interview with SABC’s Morning Live programme, Faith Stewart shouted: “We are claiming it, we certainly are.” She says Democrats are proud to claim the election victory, adding that “this is turning out to be a good morning for right-thinking people who support Obama.”


She quells media claims that Obama’s first four years in office have been terrible, noting that “American voters are not the dumbest. People understand that Obama inherited a mess, much like South African people understand the ANC inherited a mess.”


According to Stewart, Americans have been able to see through the shenanigans of the Republicans to blame Obama for the shambles of that country’s economy. But she argues that there is a clear difference where one could decide to on what the values and aspirations are, to decide to be part of the 47% that doesn’t matter, the 47 that belongs to Romney.


In the Democrats’ defence, Stewart says instead, “Americans decided to say yes to Obama.” - Edited by Tshepo Tsheole

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