SABC News - Top Gears Stig teases SA celebrities and journalists :Wednesday 15 May 2013

Top Gear's Stig teases SA celebrities and journalists

Wednesday 15 May 2013 05:30

Dries Liebenberg

Top Gear Festival is to be held on June 15 and 16 in Durban.

Top Gear Festival is to be held on June 15 and 16 in Durban.(SABC)

The organisers of the popular Top Gear Festival, to be held on June 15 and 16 in Durban, gave celebrities and journalists a taste of what would it be like to sit next to The Stig.

The enigmatic Stig had some fun with a BMW M6 Coupé in a cordoned off parking lot at Durban's Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Before the arrival of the enigmatic race car driver from the hit BBC motoring show Top Gear, Olympic swimmer Chad le Clos stole the show saying he was nervous and excited at the same time as he was stepping out of his comfort zone.

The Stig was behind the wheel of a BMW M6 Coupé that has a 4.4 litre V8 engine generating 560 horsepower. The rear wheel drive power car was ideal for what he was about to do on the wet tarmac.

When they stepped out of the BMW, Le Clos, DJ Fresh and actress Hayley Owen described the ride as awesome, exhilarating, fantastic but not scary enough.

The Stig was doing 360’s and drifting the car through a series of tight turns at high speed.  

Within the hour bits of rubber were flying off the tyres and The Stig pulled in for a tyre change.

With changes to the street circuit for this year's festival, chicanes and hairpin bends included, motoring enthusiasts can expect the racing cars to take a lot of punishment.

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