SABC News - Rhodes Must Fall movement ends Bremner occupation:Monday 13 April 2015

Rhodes Must Fall movement ends Bremner occupation

Monday 13 April 2015 13:49


The Cecil John Rhodes statue has been removed at UCT.(SABC)

The Rhodes Must Fall movement ended their occupation of the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) administration building, Bremner.

“We have decided that our struggle should not be attached to that space,” a member of the movement, who did not want to be named, said on Monday.

Bremner, named after Scottish teacher Mary Frances Bremner who left her estate to the university to fund travel allowances for study and research, was informally renamed to Azania House by the movement.

The movement, who headed up calls for the removal of UCT’s Cecil John Rhodes statue, began occupation on March 20 and ended it on Sunday night.

UCT Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price on Friday wrote to all students and staff ordering the students to vacate Bremner by 2pm and served them with a notice, signed by Registrar Hugh Amoore.

According to Price, the movement had violated a previous agreement to end occupation following the removal of the statue. Price says the Student Representative Council led by Ramabina Mahapa, had honoured the agreement and vacated immediately after the removal on Thursday.   

The movement on Friday rejected Price’s claims, saying that the removal of the statue was but one term for ending occupation.
Price and Amoore had threatened to obtain an order to force the students to vacate from the High Court but the movement ignored them until Sunday.

The movement would brief the media on Monday afternoon to provide further details.

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