SABC News - Tsvangirai confident of victory in polls :Sunday 7 July 2013

Tsvangirai confident of victory in polls

Sunday 7 July 2013 19:55


MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai unveiled his party’s manifesto in the Zimbabwe capital on Sunday. (REUTERS)

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, says he is confident of victory in July 31st election despite facing an election without reforms.

He was addressing thousands of party supporters at the official launch of the party’s campaigns and the manifesto on the outskirts of the capital on Sunday.

Tsvangirai says he is also concerned that incumbent Robert Mugabe will try to manipulate the vote outcome.  

The MDC says it has evidence to show that Mugabe plans to manipulate the vote. Tsvangirai says despite going to elections with a heavy heart and his party's concerns, he’s ready for the polls.

He also pledged to tackle rampant corruption and to convene an international donor conference within his first 100 days of office to reconstruct the country. "We have the choice of ending the year on a high note. We, the modern people, must entrust the country to a younger generation and we are the generation to take this country forward," he says.

The MDC adds that more people registered in some Zanu-PF rural strongholds than reflected in the population census.  

The MDC also claims that more than 100 000 security personnel and diplomats abroad who will vote in a special ballot this week are being coerced to vote for Zanu PF, a charge which Zanu –PF denies. 

Tsvangirai battles it out with four other presidential hopefuls including long time ruler Mugabe.

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