SABC News - Hang boy family demands answers:Wednesday 13 September 2017

Hang boy family demands answers

Wednesday 13 September 2017 16:39


The family says they were told that the six year old was found hanging.

The family says they were told that the six year old was found hanging.(SABC)

The family of Grade one pupil at Dorothy Langa primary who was found hanging while at school are seeking answers about circumstances around his death.

The family says they were told that the six year old was found hanging, allegedly from a noose of a recycling bag. Initial reports around his death say he was found hanging in the school toilet.

The boy's mother, Rosina Mamaregane is distraught. The grieving mother says her son was cheerful on the Friday morning last week when he left for school.

“When my son left for school that morning, he was cheerful, told me they have a fundraising at school, I packed all his essentials then he left. Later in the afternoon I received a call from the principal, who told me he was on his way to fetch from the mall.”

That fateful call changed the bereaved woman's life, leaving her in disbelief. She and her family are questioning steps taken by the school upon discovering the scene of the incident, where the child was found hanging. The family believes the school should have tried to do first aid before rushing him to a local clinic. The grieving mother says the stories they were told are confusing for them.

“I am in a lot of pain, I still need answers and I don't understand how my child died, the recycling bags they are speaking about where they allege he hung from, he knew them, we have them at home. The story they are telling us that he died at the toilet is all lies, they must tell us the truth we have checked over and over again at the recycling bag, it is confusing for us when they allege that he hung himself at the toilets.”

Education advocacy group, Basic Education For All (BEFA) says the incident is tragic. BEFA is appealing to the Education department to send officials to inspect the safety of learners at the school. Charles Manamela from the organisation says the safety of learners around schools needs to be re-assessed.

“I'm appealing to the department of education to make sure that they send the social workers to the school and not only to this school but to all the schools in general so that they check the safety of their children as to who is having problems as to who needs counselling and they need to check all the children so that to avoid that kind of a tragedy.”

The Provincial Education Department has not yet made contact with the family. Spokesperson Naledzani Rasila says space should be given to the police to conduct their investigations.

“The suspicions the allegations, that one may refer to we would love a situation where we respect the sensitivity of the matter therefore it will be prudent to wait for investigations to tell us the truth rather than keeping on suspecting.”

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