SABC News - Problems faced by South Africa are historic: Zuma:Monday 11 January 2016

Problems faced by South Africa are historic: Zuma

Monday 11 January 2016 11:24


ANC and South African president Jacob Zuma says the problems faced by South Africa today are historic problems.

Speaking at the New Age Business briefing where the ANC top six were discussing the January 8 statement, he says the problems currently faced by South Africans are deeply rooted in what took place in the past.

He says: "If you talk about poverty, inequality and unemployment, the foundation of it is the land that was taken from the people. They were made poor. Its wrong to say the problems are because of lack of leadership and inefficiency."

"Without solving the issue of land, the three problems will not end," he adds.

Highlighting some of the issues brought up in the January 8 statement, President Zuma says the core believe of the ANC is unity, unity within the party as well as in South Africa as a whole.

He says: "South Africa is not a racist country. It is a non-racial party. There are a few individuals. The population as whole should campaign against racism as its holding the country back."

Speaking of the economy he says: "When it comes to the economy, all countries are affected, just to varying degrees."

He concluded by encouraging all South Africans to exercise their right to vote as we approach the local government elections.

"Vote ANC as its the party with the correct policies and is the future of South Africa. The ANC has the best interest of South Africa at heart."

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