SABC News - Pistorius trial good for business:Thursday 6 March 2014

Pistorius trial good for business

Thursday 6 March 2014 12:10


Local businesses seem to be capitalising on the increased need for services and will be gearing up for the rest of the Pistorius trial. (REUTERS)

The large number of journalists covering the Oscar Pistorius trial at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria is no doubt a lucrative avenue for local food and accommodation providers, says Johannesburg-based economist Lavan Gopaul.

This after a restaurant near the court sold 700 chicken dishes, 80 portions of ribs and 400 chicken burgers on the first day of the trial.

Gopaul says local businesses are capitalising on the increased need for services and will be gearing up for the rest of the trial.     

"I am sure there are a number of local business players that have already geared themselves up for this kind of event. They have anticipated this as having some sort of an economic spin off. When it's hot, street vendors are selling cool drinks, they have to make sure that the drinks are cold and have plenty of ice. When it's raining and cold, coffee shops keep the journalists supplied with coffee, sandwiches and muffins," says Gopaul.

"No one wants to drive out of town for a coffee, So, as long as shopkeepers keep their doors open and provide all of the necessary refreshments for people during the day, they will make money," added Gopaul.

SABC News is providing live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial throughout the day on the SABC News website and YouTube channel.

This includes live video and audio feeds from the courtroom, tweeting by SABC reporters in and outside the court, regular news updates, and background to the trial, the people involved and the shooting on Valentine's Day last year.

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