SABC News - Trechikoff’s Hindu dance portrait auctioned for R1.4 million:Wednesday 5 June 2013

Trechikoff’s Hindu dance portrait auctioned for R1.4 million

Wednesday 5 June 2013 06:08


The Hindu dancer portrait was sold to an unknown buyer at an auction in Cape Town. (SABC)

One of the iconic art works of people's painter, Vladimir Trechikoff, has been sold to an unknown buyer for R1.456 million at an auction in Cape Town, on Tuesday.

The portrait, known as “The Hindu Dancer”, bears the image of a female Indian dancer with eight hands in various positions.

Auctioneer Anton Welz says ironically, the painting has been up for auction before, but drew no interest from art lovers.

“Three years ago we had the painting up on auction and it didn't sell and then there was the big Trechikoff exhibition at the National Gallery which raised an enormous amount of awareness about him and his work and earlier this year, one of his works sold in London R11 million and all of a sudden people saw big value in his work," says Welz.

Trechikoff has been described as one of the most successful commercial artists of all time. Once described as kitch, Trechikoff's paintings have found huge favour years on. He made comfortable living selling prints of his works, while alive, he never got recognition as a serious artist.


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