SABC News - Breast fed infants not exposed to ARV drugs: Study:Wednesday 19 October 2016

Breast fed infants not exposed to ARV drugs: Study

Wednesday 19 October 2016 06:49

Thabile Mbhele

A study looking at the safety of breast feeding mothers who are HIV negative using the antiretroviral, tenofovir has shown that the infant does not get exposed to the ARV drug.  

This study led by Kenneth Mugwanya from the University of Washington was conducted on HIV negative breast feeding moms in Kenya and Uganda, to check whether the antiretroviral can be excreted into breast milk and absorbed by the breast feeding infant.

Mugwanya presented results of the study at the HIV Research for Prevention Conference currently underway in Chicago.

Ninety four percent of infant plasma had no detectable tenofovir levels.

This data is really important and reassuring especially for us in sub Saharan Africa where young women are at high risk of HIV and a significant number of them spend their lifetime either pregnant or breast feeding.

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