SABC News - Socialist International must address challenges facing humanity: Zuma:Friday 31 August 2012

Socialist International must address challenges facing humanity: Zuma

Friday 31 August 2012 11:14

Nthabi Thipa

President Jacob Zuma says the Socialist International congress needs to address the challenges facing humanity today in line with the theme: Strengthening democracy, promoting multilateral cooperation and creating a new culture of solidarity among nations. He was speaking at the 24th Congress of Socialist International.

He says in the last two decades, the world has seen globalization, national developmental initiatives and a shift of global economic power with China and Brazil being the key economic players globally.

“We need global technologies to address some challenges like global warming and health among others,” he said.

Another trend that is on the rise is militarism, he added. "Militarism is causing global instability and is becoming a solution whenever the world faces conflict. In Africa, Libya has been a recent case and other areas in the world.”

Zuma also said there needs to be a way to make the Socialist International more effective.

At a social level, gender aspects of globalization need to be interrogated on how they affect women. “Women are entering the workforce in large numbers but they are mainly in informal and caring sectors, characterised by low wages and poor working conditions."

He mentioned youth unemployment as another challenge. “We should emerge with radical positions and a radical agenda," he added.

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