SABC News - Free Wifi bench launched in Jozie:Saturday 9 May 2015

Free Wifi bench launched in Jozie

Saturday 9 May 2015 17:11

Lebogang Sejake.

The Isabelo bench also serves as a mobile phone charging port.(SABC)

The Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg has been one of the first areas to get free Wifi Connectivity through a hotspot that is in the form of a so called, “Isabelo smart bench”.

The Isabelo bench not only provides Wifi for those in close range or sitting on it, it also serves as a mobile phone charging port and is solar powered.

Spear headers of the Wifi project- Public Access Consulting, believes that the Isabelo smart bench will help curb South African cities’ digital divide.

“We were looking at ways to both reduce the digital divide in our cities and drive prosperity through the access to the internet, and it was out of this that Isabelo evolved,” said  Founder of Public Access Consulting, Louise Meek .

“We believe that Isabelo can transform public spaces into vibrant places where people can connect to each other and to the internet and in so doing affect positive change in our cities,” she added.

The smart bench prototype was launched on April 8th .

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