SABC News - Fidentia Boss trial postponed again:Wednesday 10 October 2012

Fidentia Boss trial postponed again

Wednesday 10 October 2012 12:21

Nomawethu Solwandle

Former Fidentia boss J. Arthur Brown.(SABC)

The much anticipated start of the trial of former Fidentia Boss, J Arthur Brown,  has again been postponed in the Western Cape High Court. Brown faces numerous fraud, theft, corruption and money laundering charges totalling R1.4 billion. 

The trial has postponed many times since Brown's arrest in 2007.

J Arthur Brown started the Fidentia group in 2003. He managed to get his hands on the money invested by workers in various companies. Brown says he can’t wait for his trial to start. 

"I'm looking forward to the trial so that finally the truth will come out. the people are right the curator is to blame for the missing money. There is alot of money unaccounted for I've laid charges on that too,” says Brown.

Thousands of people have been left destitute after the trust went under. These people worked for a nylon company. They say they invested 11 million rand in the Fidentia trust. But they say Brown is innocent.

Investor, Woodron Christian says: “We believe Mr. Arthur Brown is innocent and that will come out of court today. They have nothing on him.”

The trial has been postponed numerously, with the accused changing legal representatives seven times.

NPA's Eric Ntabazalila says: “We heard Mr Brown saying something’s in interviews outside court. We are not going to deal with people who talk on pavements. We deal with issues inside of court not on pavements. If we did not thing brown ad something to answer to we would not have asked him to come and answer in court."

The trial has been postponed to November 6th for a more senior judge to hear the matter. 

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