Nelson Mandela – a celebration of an icon’s life

Messages of condolences

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Madiba Kids: Tributes from youngsters

Send us your special tributes (created by kids) to Nelson Mandela, whether drawings, videos, songs or similar, and we'll do our best to publish it here and show it on TV.

Pope Francis paid tribute to Nelson Mandela who died aged 95.
Pope Francis hopes Nelson Mandela "will inspire generations"

Pope Francis paid tribute to Nelson Mandela's struggle to forge a just South Africa on Friday, praising the anti-apartheid hero's commitment to non-violence, reconciliation and truth.

UNHCR says Mandela's passing is a great loss
UN High Commissioner Antonio Guterres Mandela's death

UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres says it is with very great sadness that to hear the news of the death of Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa.

An informal gathering space has also been created in the foyer of the Great Hall where staff, students, alumni and friends of the University can pay personal tribute to Tata Madiba’s legacy
Wits community invited to pay tribute

Wits University joins the world in mourning the passing of former president Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the father of our nation and an international icon, who passed away last night at the age of 95.

Gift of the Givers' Imtiaz Sooliman says Madiba showed class, humanity and determination
Gift of the Givers' tribute to Madiba

It takes a human of saintly stature to forgive and embrace with love a system that incarcerated him for 27 years, to achieve freedom, equality and justice.

Great loss: Nelson Mandela will be accorded an official State funeral
US Embassy's condolences on Madiba's passing

The United States Mission to South Africa joins the South African people in mourning the passing of its first democratic president, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Ahmed Kathrada first met Nelson Mandela in the mid 40's at Ismail Meer’s house in Johannesburg
Kathrada pays tribute to Mandela

Madala, as you light-heartedly started calling me some years ago, it both grieves me and inspires me to write this to you now, with the hour of your death still a fresh wound in our peoples’ hearts.

Zelda La Grange says the late Nelson Mandela did not demand loyalty, but he inspired profound and unwavering loyalty from everybody whose life he touched
Zelda La Grange bids farewell to Mandela

Zelda La Grange, Nelson Mandela's former Secretary, pays tribute to the man she called Khulu.

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu prayed that God would dry the Mandela family's tears and renew their strength.(Desmond Tutu foundation )
Tutu mourns Mandela

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu extended his thanks to the Mandela family on Thursday for sharing former president Nelson Mandela with South Africa and the world.

Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95.
Obituary: Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

Former President Nelson Mandela was South Africa's first democratically elected Head of State.

The SABC invites you to leave your tribute to Madiba.
Book of Condolences

What does Nelson Mandela mean to you? Share your condolences and read tributes by people from all over the world.

Book tributes to Mandela

Nelson Mandela became the first president of the democratic SA in 1994. (REUTERS)
Mandela’s time in office to be relived in book

The life and times of SA’s first democratic president Nelson Mandela in the presidential seat will be published in a book.

Good morning, Mandela’ the story of a metamorphosis

The book “Good morning Mr Mandela” is a book about metamorphosis, says its author, Zelda le Grange.

Mandela's words as  they were meant to be remembered
The Authorised Book of Quotations by Mandela himself

Nelson Mandela By Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations was launched at the Centre of Memory on June 27, 2011, just three weeks ahead of Nelson Mandela Day and his 93rd birthday on July 18.

Mandela made many speeches in his life
Nelson Mandela speaks: Forging a non-racial democratic South Africa

Speeches from 1990-93 recounting the struggle that put an end to apartheid and opened the fight for a deep-going political and social transformation in South Africa.

Fatima Meer brings into sharp focus the background of this fascinating man
Higher Than Hope

The first authorized biography of this world-famous and most distinguished political leader, Nelson Mandela, draws on letters and reminiscences from Mandela himself.

More than a comforting story of moral heroism
Mandela: The Authorised Biography

Mandela: The Authorised Biography is a study of Nelson Mandela the former President of South Africa, by the late journalist Anthony Sampson.

The book was dedicated to his six children
A Long Walk to Freedom

Nelson Mandela is one of the great moral and political leaders of our time: an international hero who spent most of his life fighting against racial oppression in South Africa.

Past birthday messages and tributes

The 95-year-old former statesman passed away just before nine o'clock Thursday night.
SA is indebted to Mandela family: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has thanked the Mandela family for sharing the former president with the nation.

Qunu residents are enjoying the silence and remembering their great neighbour.
Qunu remembers Mandela in silence

There is a stunned silence across the small village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

The sculptors working on the statue say they have tried to capture Madiba's sense of peace
Madiba statue for Union Buildings

A bronze statue of former president Nelson Mandela will be unveiled on Reconciliation Day, December 16, at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Addressing thousands of women on October 14, Oprah shared examples of her own life and how she overcome challenges
Oprah says Madiba is her inspiration

Oprah Winfrey, who was in South Africa in October, addressed more than a thousand women at Gallagher Estates, Johannesburg.

British actor Idris Elba plays the lead role of Mandela in the movie
Mandela: Long walk to Freedom

Watch the full trailer of 'Mandela: Long walk to Freedom' here. Courtesy of Videovison Entertainment and the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory.

SA President Jacob Zuma accepted the award on behalf of Mandela
Malaysia honours Mandela

The inaugural Mahathir Award for Global Peace was awarded to former South African president Nelson Mandela on August 28.

Nelson Mandela turned 95 on July 18, 2013
Songs dedicated to Madiba

Click here for a selection of great songs in tribute to one of the greatest men of our time – Tata Madiba.

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is Africa's highest mountain at 5 895m above sea level
Climbing Kilimanjaro for Madiba

Richard Mabaso climbed Kilimanjaro to raise funds to buy 67 000 sanitary towels in honour of Madiba.

Francois Pienaar met Mandela 18 years ago
Pienaar thanks Madiba for embracing sport

Former South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar pays tribute to Nelson Mandela's embrace of sport in bringing his country together.

Overwhelming love is evident outside the hospital where Mandela is being treated
South Africans show their love

South Africans come together to pray for Tata Madiba who is in hospital in a critical but stable condition following a recurring lung infection.

Bill Clinton with Madiba last year in Qunu ahead of his 94th birthday (Reuters image)
Bill Clinton and others send Madiba a special message

Former US president and family friend of Mandela, Bill Clinton, sent a special message ahead of his birthday on July 18.

Leantha and Mandela
Madiba and Me

SABC viewers share their magic moments with Madiba captured on camera.

Blind kids sing for Madiba

People around the world are giving 67 minutes of their time to do something for the needy

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” Nelson Mandela
Birthday messages - 2012

Birthday messages from 2012 for former president Nelson Mandela.

Jacob Zuma presents the bridge model to Madiba on July 18 at his home in Qunu
Building bridges

President Jacob Zuma visited Nelson Mandela on his birthday and presented him with the model of a bridge planned between two villages in the Eastern Cape to be called the Nelson Mandela Legacy Bridge.

Nelson Mandela turns 93 on July 18, 2011
Storify page dedicated to Mandela Day

Storify is based on the concept that reporters can't be everywhere when something newsworthy is happening so it combines all content - check out our Storify page.

Happy Birthday Tata!
Mandela, SA’s living heritage

As the world prepares to celebrate Mandela Day, the NHC has pointed out that Nelson Mandela is the only person whose birthday is globally celebrated as an expression of good to others.

Mandela and Tambo was the name of the law firm run by Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo in South Africa
Oliver Tambo expresses his thoughts on Mandela

As a man, Nelson is passionate, emotional, sensitive, quickly stung to bitterness and retaliation by insult and patronage.

Madiba and Gordimer
Nadine Gordimer's tribute to Madiba

In the canon of human conscience Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is surely the most famously revered in the contemporary world.

Jully 18 is International Mandela Day
Past public messages for Madiba on his birthday

Well wishes for Madiba in 2011 when he turned 93.

Social networks allow well wishers to pread their love
Facebook tributes - 2011

On July 18, 2011 Madiba celebrated his 93rd birthday. Facebookers share their tributes.


Artist Dean Simon
Local banker offers $2.5m for recreation of Da Vinci's famous work

Banker Mxolisi Mbetse has formally offered $2.5-million for a painting, Last Supper, depicting former president Nelson Mandela as Jesus Christ.

Mandela grew up listening to the tribal songs of Xhosa girls
Songs about Mandela and his love for music

Artists reach areas far beyond the reach of politicians. Art, especially entertainment and music, is understood by everybody, and it lifts the spirits and the morale of those who hear it. (Mandela)

Statues of Mandela have been erected around the world
Mandela statue in London

The statue of Nelson Mandela was unveiled in Parliament Square following a seven year campaign led by Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London.

Mandela receiving the Ambassador of Conscience award from Amnesty International
Honours, awards and other forms of recognition

There has been many forms of recognition accorded to Mandela throughout the world. It also shows how this recognition steadily grew and how the calls for his release intensified over the years.

Nelson Mandela Square in JHB has become a popular hang-out
Places named after Mandela

At least 31 streets in South Africa and several abroad have been named after South Africa's former President Nelson Mandela. In addition, the charismatic statesman has two flowers named after him.

Selected interviews

Govan Archibald Mvuyelwa Mbeki (9 July 1910 - 30 August 2001) was a South African politician, and father of the former South African president Thabo Mbeki and Moeletsi Mbeki
Transcript of Govan Mbeki intv on Mandela

Govan Mbeki, who died at the age of 91, was regarded as the intellectual eminence grise of the ANC.

 FW de Klerk took the fateful decision to release Nelson Mandela
Transcript of F.W. de Klerk interview on Mandela

The following is a transcript of an interview with F.W. de Klerk from Frontline, a programme on the US public service broadcasters channel.

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