Mandela Monday

Tuesday 21 June 2011 13:29


15 minutes of goodness

15 minutes of goodness

The Nelson Mandela Foundation has created an initiative called Mandela Monday.They want everyone in South Africa to give 15 minutes or less of their time every Monday to do something good.

The initiative, which began on June 1, is part of the preparations for Nelson Mandela Day which falls on Monday July 18.

Make a difference on Mondays

The foundation develpoed a list that gives 67 ideas of things people can do for Mandela Monday. The list includes "sponsor a group of learners to go to the theatre/zoo" or "take an elderly person grocery shopping."

Breadline Africa, a South African-based NGO, has partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the NYK Helping Hand Scheme to provide a mobile library to a primary school in each of the nine provinces of South Africa as part of this year’s Mandela Day celebrations.

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