Nelson Mandela – a celebration of an icon’s life

Mandela’s name printed across the world

Wednesday 14 December 2016 06:21


Nelson Mandela Bridge, Braamfontein, Johannesburg completed in 2003.

Nelson Mandela Bridge, Braamfontein, Johannesburg completed in 2003.

Former President Nelson Mandela selflessly dedicated his life towards the struggle for freedom and democracy in South Africa.

The anti-apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist led with resilience and vigour, and is recognised as the ultimate embodiment of forgiveness.

He has gained strong international acclaim for his activism and his name remains printed on several monuments, schools, halls, buildings and street names across the world.

Formerly Welford Road Recreation Ground, the park has a sign quoting Nelson Mandela: "There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere".

Park in Leicester, England, named after Mandela. Supplied by Wikipedia.

Mandela visited a Toronto high school just four months after being released from prison.

Nelson Park Mandela Public School in Regent Park, Toronto.  Image by Jason Allen.

The Mandela House in Vilakazi Street, Soweto, is the former home of the former president and his former wife, Winnie Mandela.

The property is now a national museum.

Mandela’s house in Vilakazi Street, Soweto. Supplied by

More streets are named after Nelson Mandela in the United Kingdom than anywhere in the world outside South Africa.

Mandela Street in Camden.  Image by Sophie Duval.
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