Nelson Mandela – a celebration of an icon’s life

Mandela honoured with painting ahead of 95th birthday

Thursday 23 May 2013 17:17


Mandela will be turning 95 this year

Mandela will be turning 95 this year

A Johannesburg artist is painting the largest ever portrait of Nelson Mandela, in time for the elder statesman's 95th birthday in July.

Artist Paul Blomkamp says his wish is for a buyer to ultimately donate the artwork to the Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital.

"I have taken these abstract qualities and woven them together to make a painting of his energy. I am actually not painting a face. I am painting pure energy of this wonderful man," says Blomkamp.

The finished work will be 4 by 4 meters in size and its estimated value will be R2.7% million.

"I would love to see this painting stay in South Africa and specifically in the Nelson Mandela children's hospital because he's so fantastic with children and they pick up his energy," added Blomkamp.

The portrait is already making waves internationally, pictures have been uploaded online.
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