Nelson Mandela – a celebration of an icon’s life

“Current leaders must emulate Mandela’s leadership”

Monday 5 December 2016 07:40


Former President Nelson Mandela was 95 when he died on the 5th of December 2013.

Veterans of the African National Congress (ANC) in Cape Town say leaders must reflect on whether they are following in the footsteps of the late former President, Nelson Mandela.  

Party members gathered in Athlone to remember Madiba on the third anniversary of his death.

The commemoration of Madiba's death will be held in Mthatha on Monday.

Madiba was 95 when he died on the 5th of December in 2013.

Rivonia trialist, Dennis Goldberg, says Madiba was a true leader.

“There were things about him that I admired. He was modest, he wasn't flashy, he never had stories of big parties, dancing girls and wasting money. He was a sober person who had a joyful life and when he was with children, he exuded lot of warmth…he doesn't have to be so flashy to see him,” says Goldberg.

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Residents of Mandela’s home and village at Qunu in the Eastern Cape say they are still struggling to deal with the loss of their most famous resident.

Madiba held Qunu outside Mthatha closest to his heart and made it clear he wished to be buried here long before his passing.

Villagers fear that Qunu is losing some of its gloss since Madiba's passing.

“Life hasn't been the same since Madiba's passing. The village is reeling from the loss, even visitors are very scarce. This place was always full of visitors but since then, there's nothing, nobody. We are really missing Madiba,” says one villager.
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