TV Schedule for SABC_ENCORE


01:00 Isidingo S3
02:00 Fynbos
03:00 Ba Ha Hlalele
03:30 Ityala Lamawele
04:30 Pitstop 2
05:00 X-Attitude 13
05:30 Fudge (Kid's Stuff)
06:00 Africa Within S3
07:00 Zola 7 Series 1
Hosted by actor, recording artist and youth-celebrity, Zola, the show 'Zola7' has an upbeat feel that would not only appeal to the youth, but to the whole family. Each show revolves around the story of one person who is preparing for a day that will have a huge impact on their lives. It is a rite of passage, a dream come true, a day in their lives they will never forget. Zola accompanies them on their Big Day, having in some instances actually to set up the event for them. An Ochre Media Production.
07:30 Isidingo S3
08:00 7de Laan 2
08:30 Arsenaal
The Afrikaans television drama series Arsenaal is set against the backdrop of investigative journalism, corrupt security companies and corrupt police. The series, created by Jan Scholtz, boasts the country's best actors and actresses eg Ian Roberts, Elzette Marshal, Gys de Villiers, Lieb Bester, Nic de Jager, Dirk Stoltz, Joe Da Silva, Marcel van Heerden, Nic De Jager, Paul Luckhoff, Richard Van Der Westhuizen, Barbara Marie Venter, Shirley Ellis, Abri Le Roux, Leon Van Nierop and George Ballot.
09:30 Sgudi' Snaysi S1
Zulu Sitcom Sis May is a middle aged woman living in Soweto. The series follows the comedic daily lives of Sis May, her neighbour and her niece. Sis May's life is complicated when S'duma played by Joe Mafela, comes to live with her. This series was the highest performing series on television in the late 80s and early 90s.
10:00 Ke Kgwebo Ya Ka Ye
10:30 Res, The
12:30 X-Attitude 13
13:00 Fudge (Kid's Stuff)
13:30 Africa Within S3
15:00 Isidingo S3
15:30 7de Laan 2
16:00 Kideo S3
16:30 Thabang Thabong S2
17:00 Africa Within S3
18:30 Isidingo S3
19:00 Fynbos
20:30 Ba Ha Hlalele
21:00 Ityala Lamawele
22:00 Pitstop 2
22:30 50/50 (63813) 1988
23:30 Africa Within S3