TV Schedule for SABC2


00:00 Teen Wolf S4
01:00 Prime Time News 2017
01:30 Network 2017
02:00 News @ 8 2017
02:30 Sports Live 2017
03:00 Your World 2017
05:00 Game Plan S1
05:30 Words And Numbers S6
Energetic ‘mad hatter’ Denver Vraagom is the presenter of Words & Numbers. He puts contestants through their paces as they battle it out with words and numbers games in a captivating quiz show. Contenders must reach the top 40 and from there move into the quarter finals, semi finals and finals to receive the trophy for the Words & Numbers champion of the season.
06:00 Inside The Baobab Tree S3
Enter a world of endless possibilities Inside the Baobab Tree, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby.
06:30 Ddynamite Diepkloof Dudes S1
06:57 Motheo S18
07:00 Morning Live 2016/17
08:30 Derech Eretz
09:00 Sacred Secrets Of Nature, The
In episode 2 we meet some of the world’s leading authorities on biomimicry, people who not only study it but also are using it every day to create more efficient products and designs. In many cases these innovative projects are having a positive impact on the Earth. We ask religious leaders too how they feel about this new science. Is it a positive step forward, or are humans trying to play God and messing with something that only God can do?
10:00 Light S1, The
10:30 Psalted S7
11:00 Die Woord Erediens
11:30 Koskaskenades S1
12:00 Noot Vir Noot S43
13:00 Kick It! S1
13:30 7de Laan S19
14:00 7de Laan S19
14:30 7de Laan S19
15:00 7de Laan S19
15:30 7de Laan S19
16:00 Hoofmeisie 1
17:55 Jungle Beat Fillers S1 & S2
18:00 Fokus 2017/2018
18:30 Nuus 2017/2018
19:00 Voetspore S7
An adventure travelogue programme follows the experiences of 4 men as they travel from Morocco to the Cape. The series focuses on the accessibility of Afrika for 4 x 4 enthusiasts.
20:00 Setswana / Sesotho 2017/2018
20:30 Ke Ba Bolleletse S2
21:00 Gospel Classics S6
22:00 Century Of Black Cinema, A 1