TV Schedule for SABC2


01:00 Prime Time News 2017
01:30 Network 2017
02:00 News @ 8 2017
02:30 Sports Live 2017
03:00 Your World 2017
05:00 It's For Life S8
It’s for Life, a journey of personal growth and consciousness, brings three participants from diverse backgrounds together. All they have in common is the fact that they have not realised their full potential. Over 39 weeks, It’s for Life challenges young adults to define themselves in the diverse, opportunity-filled landscape of South Africa. Through a new appreciation of who they are, they are holistically empowered to manifest their personal potential.
05:30 Words And Numbers S6
Energetic ‘mad hatter’ Denver Vraagom is the presenter of Words & Numbers. He puts contestants through their paces as they battle it out with words and numbers games in a captivating quiz show. Contenders must reach the top 40 and from there move into the quarter finals, semi finals and finals to receive the trophy for the Words & Numbers champion of the season.
06:00 Inside The Baobab Tree S3
Enter a world of endless possibilities Inside the Baobab Tree, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby.
06:30 Ddynamite Diepkloof Dudes S1
06:57 Motheo S18
Christian Devotion/Morning prayer to start off the day.
07:00 Morning Live 2016/17
08:30 Derech Eretz
09:00 South African Christmas, A
10:00 Light S1, The
10:30 Psalted S7
11:00 Die Woord Erediens
11:30 Dr. Tumi: Love And Grace Live In Pretoria
Live gospel concert featuring Dr. Tumi.
13:00 Koskaskenades S1
13:30 7de Laan S19
14:00 7de Laan S19
14:30 7de Laan S19
15:00 7de Laan S19
15:30 7de Laan S19
16:00 Christmas Wedding Date, A (2012) 1
17:30 Life's Funniest Moments (Eps 95-125)
18:00 Fokus 2017/2018
18:30 Nuus 2017/2018
19:00 50/50 S8
20:00 Setswana / Sesotho 2017/2018
20:28 Motheo S18
20:30 Gospel Classics S6
21:30 Gospel Classics S6
22:30 Vatican Christmas Special 2017, The 1