TV Schedule for SABC2


00:45 Prime Time News 2017
A two hour prime time news show that includes a simulcast of English News on SABC 3 for one hour bringing with it sports, business and weather news.
01:30 Network 2017
A show that looks at technology news and also discusses events that are trending in social media.
02:00 News @ 8 2017
An update of the latest newsworthy events from South Africa and globally.
02:30 Sports Live 2017
Provides you with local and international sports.
03:00 Your World 2017
A look at news making headlines across the world.
05:00 It's For Life S8
It’s for Life, a journey of personal growth and consciousness, brings three participants from diverse backgrounds together. All they have in common is the fact that they have not realised their full potential.
05:30 Words And Numbers S6
Energetic ‘mad hatter’ Denver Vraagom is the presenter of Words & Numbers. He puts contestants through their paces as they battle it out with words and numbers games in a captivating quiz show. Contenders must reach the top 40 and from there move into the quarter finals, semi finals and finals to receive the trophy for the Words & Numbers champion of the season.
06:00 Inside The Baobab Tree S3
Enter a world of endless possibilities Inside the Baobab Tree, the enchanting home of Mandisa and Baby Bab, the bush baby.
06:30 Ddynamite Diepkloof Dudes S1
The teenage drama show revolving around a group of six boys from Soweto, who loved solving crimes on their bicycles.
06:57 Motheo S18
Christian Devotion/Morning prayer to start off the day.
07:00 Morning Live 2016/17
Join us as we keep the nation informed on breaking news stories, national issues affecting ordinary South Africans as well as entertaining the nation.
08:30 Derech Eretz
Join us as we keep the nation informed on breaking news stories, national issues affecting ordinary South Africans as well as entertaining the nation.
09:00 Issues Of Faith 14/01: Mormans Of South Africa 1
It illustrates their belief, their outreach to people all over the world and the importance of healing and self reliance for the well-being of humankind.
10:00 Light S1, The
Features a different guest each week, who shares a difficult journey through which they have been or maybe still going through and how their faith has proved to be The Light.
10:30 Life 24/7 S7
Regular features of the programme include personal testimonies of Christians from all walks of life, telling their stories of faith; stories about individuals or organization doing charity work and helping others in a practical way.
11:00 Die Woord Erediens
A community of people that desires to grow together in God through sermons, worship, daily devotions encouraging each other to let their lives reflect the rhythms of Jesus.
11:30 National Day of Prayer
13:30 7de Laan S19
Justin is sceptical about Vanessa’s decisions. Mariaan is not used to things not going her way.
14:00 7de Laan S19
Hilda sticks her nose in other people’s business. Xander is struggling to stay positive.
14:30 7de Laan S19
Will there ever be peace in the Welman family again? Diederik is shocked to hear what Rickus has to say to him.
15:00 7de Laan S19
Vince struggles to control his emotions. Is the change in Aggie’s life for the best?
15:30 7de Laan S19
Andrè’s reputation fails to impress. Charmaine tells Vanessa to get her act together.
16:00 Mother's Love 1
Gui- xiang Liu is a young widow, with a rare disease and the son of elderly in-laws live together, to raise the money to his son, gui-xiang liu married a old miners with many years older than himself.
18:00 Setswana / Sesotho 2017/2018
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally in Sotho/Setswana.
18:15 Nuus 2017/2018
Daily actuality news reports from around the world and locally - Afrikaans.
18:30 Fokus 2017/2018
Hosted by award winning journalist Lynette Francis, its a forum for ideas, debate and in depth reports on issues affecting people from all walks of life.
19:00 50/50 S8
Over the years it has proved a powerful and influential tool in highlighting conservation issues in an objective, independent manner, winning a host of awards along the way.
20:00 Crown Gospel Awards 2017
Over the years, the brand has grown and evolved into a well-respected platform for Gospel artists from all over SA and Africa.
22:00 Mandela, The Myth And Me 1
How do people interpret Nelson Mandela's message of freedom, forgiveness and reconciliation in the world of today?
23:45 Motive S2 (2013/14)
Flynn and Vega butt heads over their approach to solving a case involving a high-school student's death. Meanwhile, things get personal between Lucas and Sung.